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Established in 1996
One of the leading bearing manufacturers and exporters in China

China FUDA Bearing Corporation was established in 1996 and is one of the leading bearing manufacturers and exporters in China. FUDA specializes in the design and production of high quality, high precision deep groove ball bearings and pillow block bearings. At present, the Corporation has more than 1,000 employees, a fixed assets of 1.05 billion yuan, and produces 250 million sets of bearings annually. In 2010, the Corporation achieved bearing sales of 650 million yuan. The Corporation's products are widely used in more than 50 countries and regions under 2 independent brands, namely F&D and CBB.
Research and Development
Since 2008, the Corporation has set up a Research & Development Center equipped with multiple laboratories used for precision measurement, mechanical testing, lifespan testing, and physicochemical testing, to continuously upgrade its skills and raise its manufacturing standard and products precision. Our workshops are installed with a series of advanced numerically-controlled, grinding and assembly equipment that utilize centralized filtration and cooling systems. Together with the production equipment suppliers, we developed these grinding, ultra-precision, fully automated integrated production lines, and own the intellectual property rights. The precision level of the products are at P5 level and above, with noise level reaching Z4, V4 and above. Some of our projects have exceeded the 30% precision reserves. Our products are widely used in electric motors, automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances, textile, electric tools and water pump equipment industries, both locally and globally.
Production Capacity - Bearing Steel Pipes
FUDA Bearing Corporation has also maintained strong development momentum in bearing steel pipe manufacturing, with annual production exceeding 40,000 tons. The external diameter of its steel pipe ranges from 14mm to 110mm, and thickness ranges from 1.8mm to 15mm. To meet the practical needs of our medium and high-end customers, the quality of all the raw materials used are of grade above PA12, ensuring high product quality standard right from the beginning. 100% turbine flaw detection is also implemented on every out-going steel pipe. All these efforts have greatly improved the quality of our steel pipes, and increased our opportunities to gain market share.
Subsidiaries and Manufacturing Plants
The Corporation has 5 subsidiaries: Zhejiang FUDA Bearing Co., Ltd.; Zhejiang ZHONGZHOU Bearing Co., Ltd.; Cixi Unit Machinery Co., Ltd.; Cixi Oyat Bearing Co., Ltd. and FUDA Bearing Corporation Cixi Import And Export Co., Ltd.
The Corporation now has 2 manufacturing plants in Henghe Cixi, and Hangzhou Bay development zone respectively.
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